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We introduce: the SONOLUCA technical support program. Our support is customizable to fit your needs.


Sonoluca Technical Support requires a registered product serial number when you access our one-to-one support offerings (for example, e-mail or telephone support). If you have not yet registered your product, please register online at the Product Registration Center.

Definitions of Support:

The technical Support answers general questions on how to use the SONOLUCA software products. We help you to understand topics like:

  • Documented functions of our Applications
  • The usage of these functions
  • Troubbleshooting


SONOLUCA defines a single support incident as an issue that focuses on one aspect of the product — e.g. use of a specific feature of the product or assistance with a specific problem or error message. While this issue may involve other aspects of the product, addressing other aspects constitutes a separate issue and requires an additional support incident. A single support incident may involve multiple phone calls, emails and off-line research. Our Support Engineers are responsible for determining what characterizes a single support incident and communicating this to our customers. The Support Engineers will make reasonable efforts to resolve the issue but SONOLUCA cannot guarantee that every issue will be resolved.

Supported Products and Versions

One-to-one support is only available for the most recent version of product shipped.


Free of Charge

  • Getting Started Support is available to all registered users of full product "SDK-versions".
  • 2 telephone or email incidents to be used within 30 days of innvoice date.
  • Regular business hours 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (European GMT)

Standard Support

  • 3 telephone or email incidents to use for a half year
  • Maximum 48-hour response time (workingsdays)
  • Follow-up support at no additional cost until the incident is resolved
  • Multiple users can contact support, but each contact counts as one of your 3 incidents
  • Regular business hours 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (European GMT)
  • Costs: 240 euro

Customized training

  • Customized training
  • Business hours 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (European GMT) only in Germany
  • Costs: 750,- euro per day and person

Project-Level Support

SONOLUCA offers system engineering support from start to finish. This covers the following sections:

  • In- and output devices
  • Networking
  • Interaction concepts
  • Link-up to peripheral devices
  • Computer hardware

Contact SONOLUCA via phone or e-mail to ask for a customized offer.

Definition of Resolution of Issue

Once an issue is accepted as being within the extent of technical support (as described at the top of this page), resolution of a technical support issue shall be defined as accomplishing any one of the following:

  • Providing a reasonable solution to the issue
  • Providing a reasonable work-around to the issue
  • Determination by SONOLUCA that the issue is an enhancement request and forwarding the request to SONOLUCA Product Management
  • Escalation by SONOLUCA of the incident/bug to SONOLUCA Engineering for review

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