Screenshot 1

Klangfarben Player

With this version you can play all programs without any restrictions. But there is no access to the programming language. For network operation you´ll need a network licence mentioned below.

Screenshot 2 Klangfarben SDK light

With this version you can play all programs and access the programming language without any restrictions. It is also possible to render movies. MIDI, serial communication and network features are not included.
The Klangfarben Player application is included in all SDK versions.


Screenshot 3 Klangfarben SDK (+MIDI +Serial)

This matches the light-version and includes MIDI and serial communication support. A network licence can be added.

Panorama Show Klangfarben SDK complete (+MIDI +Serial +Network)

Fully featured version. An additional network licence is included.

Network Licence

You need network licences to connect several computer via network. If you want to connect e.g. three computer you need a tripple-licence. The licences will be entered as serial numbers. Up to 32 licences are available

Minimum System Requirements:
PowerPC, OS 8.5.1, Netsprockets, 20 MB free RAM.

Recommended System Requirements:
G4 933 MHz, OS 9.2, Netsprockets, nVidia 4MX, 80 MB free RAM

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