Klangfarben SDK Features

Movie Composer

-Unlimited number of movie and picture layers
-Unbounded output formats from 10*10 to 6400*6400 Pixel
-Colordepths 8,16 and 32 Bit
-Optional 8 Bit Alphachannel
-Framerates from 1 to 512 fps, full frames
-All Quicktime supported compressors, MOV, AVI and MPEG in particular
-44.1 kHz, 16 Bit, 2-channel audio track

Realtime Editing

-Videocapture via FireWire or PCI/USB supported
-Audiosignal processing from CD or microphon
-MIDI-command in- and output
-Up to 4 video channel set-up

Video Effects

-Realtime dissolves, chroma keying, rotation, resize und filter
-Brightness, contrast, blur and direct pixel manipulation
-Movie matte
-Paint tool


-Full access to all fonts
-Antialiased text
-Selectable typ, position, size, color and justification
-ASCII file processing


-Datatransfer between several computers via ethernet, especially sending and receiving images
-Network synchronisation and frame-accurate movie playback
-Connecting up to 32 computer
-Sending string commands via serial communication

Programming Language

-Programming Language with symbolic syntax
-Graphical editor for structure charts (DIN 66261)
-Loop, if, case, functions, equations and subroutines
-Local and global variables
-Direct access to pixel- and sounddata (256–fold FFT, BPM counter, level and rawdata)
-Reads mouse, keyboard and more USB-devices
-All variables and functions can be connected to MIDI-commands
-Multithreading: run programms and compose effects at the same time

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